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If you have any questions concerning PeopleAdmin or faculty hiring, please send an email to the campus service email address, You will be contacted within one business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General PeopleAdmin Questions

    • The PeopleAdmin website works best with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. If possible, do not use Internet Explorer.

    • Direct the applicant to email This email address has been created solely for PeopleAdmin applicant questions. A staff member will respond within one business day during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

    • No. You will only receive a notification email if a Posting or Hiring Proposal requires your attention. There is not an email notification function for the applicant review workflow.

    • You must fill out and submit a new Security Request form, specifying which additional roles you need.


    • Yes, but only if you created the posting and have not taken any action to send the posting forward or back. At the top of the posting summary page, next to the title of the posting, you will see the Edit and Delete buttons. Click on Delete and the posting will be completely removed from the system. However, once you take action on the posting and send it forward, the new posting owner will only be able to cancel the posting.

    • The drop down list of Committee Chairs populates based off who in your department has access to PeopleAdmin with the role of Committee Chair. If there are faculty members in your department missing from the list, it is most likely because they have not completed one or both of the access requirements. Either they have not completed the online PeopleAdmin training session, and/or they have not yet submitted a security access form requesting the role of Committee Chair. If you know of someone who has completed both of these requirements but is not showing up in the list of available Committee Chairs for your department, please send an email to

    • Checking the Open until Filled option overrides any Close Date you may have entered and keeps the posting on the applicant portal until the Department Chair takes action on the posting and marks it as Filled after someone is hired. Once the Department Chair marks the posting as Filled, the posting will be removed from the website and applicants will no longer be able to apply. Keep in mind that if there is no Close Date, applicants will be able to apply until the Department Chair marks the position as filled, even if someone has already been recommended for hire.

    • If you have a guaranteed consideration deadline, the Application Deadline can fall before the Close Date. Please be sure to explain the discrepancy in the posting details. For example, "Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. However, to guarantee consideration, please submit your application by..." The system will not take any action based on information entered in the Application Deadline.

    • The only document that is required to be uploaded in this section is the national external advertisement for a full-time, tenure-track, or non-tenure track position. This advertisement is created and uploaded by Academic Affairs. Departments must use this national external advertisement when posting the ad in other external venues. 

    • If the posting is not in your Watch List on the PeopleAdmin homepage, you can pull it up by clicking on the Postings tab at the top of the page and selecting the appropriate position type (Full-time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty or Limited Term Faculty). This will bring up a list of all of the postings for that position type that you have access to. Use the Workflow State column to determine where that posting is currently sitting. This will tell you who currently is the owner of the posting.

    • The Department Chair will have ownership of the posting. He or she should take action on the posting and return it to the Posting Reviewer to make changes. Include the exact changes that you would like the Posting Reviewer to make in the comments box before clicking the submit button. You may also want to send the Posting Reviewer an email directly if changes need further explanation. The posting will not be removed from the applicant portal nor will you lose any applicants who have already applied to the posting during this process.

    Electronic References

    • Instruct the reference provider to send an email to A staff member will respond within one business day during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

    • When creating the posting, the first page will ask questions concerning the settings for electronic references. You can control when the reference providers will receive emails on the first page that loads when you create a new posting with the Recommendation Notification dropdown box. For example, if you choose Campus Interview from the dropdown box, the emails will not go out to an applicant's reference providers until that applicant reaches Campus Interviews in the Applicant Review workflow. If you leave the Recommendation Notification field blank, PeopleAdmin will not automatically send out emails to reference providers.

    • This information is located on the Settings tab of the posting. Unfortunately, once the posting is published, this tab is locked down. If your department is unsure of what information was originally entered, send an email to Include the Posting Job Title or the KSU Faculty Posting Number in the email.

    • Either the Committee Chair or Department Chair can manually have PA send out reference provider emails. From the posting Summary page, click on the Applicants tab to bring up your list of applicants. Click on the name of the applicant for which you would like to receive references. This will bring up the applicant's Summary page. Click on the Recommendations tab. Under the Notified column, click on the Send button for each reference provider to send each of them an email.

    Guest User Accounts

    • Only search committee members should be using the Guest User name and password and reviewing the applicants. Applicant information should be protected and remain confidential. You should not provide Guest User account information to those not serving on the committee.

    • When creating the posting, activate the Guest User account. PeopleAdmin will generate a user name and password. The email function in PeopleAdmin has been disabled. You will need to distribute the Guest User login information to committee members outside of PeopleAdmin. Committee members will then be able to log in to PeopleAdmin to view the posting and applicant pool for the search.

    • Yes. Only the Administrative Assistant, Committee Chair, and Department Chair assigned to a specific posting will be able to access that posting when they log in using their NetID and password. Regardless of what roles you may already have in the system, you must log in using the Guest User account in order to view the posting and the applicants as a committee member.

    • The Guest User account information is always listed at the bottom of the posting summary. From the Home page, click on Postings at the top of the page. Then click on either Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty or Limited Term Faculty. This will bring up a list of postings. Click on the job title of your posting. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Guest User login information.

    • First, the Committee member should contact the Administrative Assistant or the Committee Chair to test the Guest User login information. This information is always at the bottom of the posting summary page. If the user name and password do not work, send an email to

    • Once the posting is published, the Department Chair is the owner. The Department Chair will need to take action on the posting and send it to "Posted: Return to Posting Reviewer" so that the Posting Reviewer can edit the posting. Be sure to include comments for the Posting Reviewer explaining why it is being returned. The Department Chair will get an email when the posting has been republished. The Guest User login information will then be visible at the bottom of the posting summary page. (This will not affect applicants.)

    Applicant Review

    • Click on the Applicants tab in the posting to view the list of applicants. The default sort order for your list of applicants is by Application Date. Change the view to sort by Workflow State by hovering your mouse over the column name "Workflow State" and clicking either the up or down arrow. This will group the applicants by where they sit in the workflow so that you can easily find any requiring your review/approval.

    • Please direct anyone wishing to be considered for a position to access the posting in the applicant portal. An applicant cannot be hired unless they submit their application via the online system.

    • If you would like to transition applicants all to the same workflow state, you can move them in batches. Bring up the list of applicants for the posting. Next to the search bar, click on "More Search Options." Highlight the workflow state where the applicants you wish to move currently reside. Click on the Search button. This will set your view to only applicants at that workflow state. Check the box next to each applicant you wish to move. Hover your mouse over the Actions button on the upper, right side. Click on "Bulk: Move in Workflow." On the new page that loads, select the workflow state from the "Change for All Applicants" drop down box. Click Save Changes. It may take the system a minute or two to process your request. Try refreshing your browser to see the updated workflow state of each applicant.
    • PeopleAdmin will only automatically email applicants if they are sent to specific workflow states. After it is determined that they will not be selected, applicants who are sent to the following workflow states will automatically receive an email from PeopleAdmin:

      • Basic Qualifications Not Met
      • Did Not Meet Consideration Deadline
      • Not Interviewed, Not Selected – Email
      • Interviewed, Not Selected – Email
      • Search Cancelled
    • PeopleAdmin will only automatically email applicants if they are sent to specific workflow states. After it is determined that they will not be selected, applicants who are sent to the following workflow states will not automatically receive an email from PeopleAdmin:

      • Not Interviewed, Not Selected – No Email
      • Interviewed, Not Selected – No Email 

      **Remember to record contact information for the applicant before taking action on the applicant to send them to one of the above workflow states.

      1. Initial Review by Committee
      2. Initial Review by Department Chair
      3. Initial Review by Dean
      4. 2nd Review by Committee
      5. Department Chair Review Short List
      6. Telephone Interview by Committee
      7. Department Chair Reviews Finalist List
      8. Dean Reviews Finalist List
      9. Campus Interview
      10. Campus Interview Complete
      11. Finalist/Recommended for Hire
    • Do not take action on this applicant in PeopleAdmin. Instead, please contact the applicant and ask that they log in to their account on the faculty jobs website and formally withdraw their application. Applicants can be directed to contact for assistance. Once the applicant withdraws their application, they will no longer appear as an active applicant for your posting.

    • Please follow these instructions to dispense individual and multiple applicants. 

      Dispensing Applicants 

    Hiring Proposals

    • No. When you start a Hiring Proposal, the posting will remain open until the close date (or until filled, depending on what was entered in the posting details). All other applicants will remain at whatever workflow state they are currently.

    • Yes, the system does allow for multiple hires from one posting. However, check with your Business Manager to make sure the funding has been approved and is in place before moving forward with multiple hires.

    • If the applicant already has a Hiring Proposal in process for another posting, starting a second hiring proposal requires a Site Administrator over-ride. In these instances, the Site Administrator will create a Hiring Proposal but not fill in any information, and transition the Hiring Proposal to the Department Chair or Dean to complete. The Send to Department Chair or Send to Dean option must be present so that the Site Administrator can launch the Hiring Proposal at the correct workflow state.

    • Applicants are required to upload unofficial transcripts when they apply to the position. Faculty Affairs can use unofficial transcripts to begin working on the Hiring Proposal. However, please have official transcripts sent directly to Faculty Affairs so that they may finalize the hire.